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When Do You Write At Your Best?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you seem to write more easily than you do at other times? Are there times when your writing feels a chore, and yet others when writing almost flows of its own accord? When is your best time for writing?

If you haven’t thought about this very much it would be worth your while to do so. Do you like to write in absolute quiet, or do you enjoy writing with the buzz of people around you? Do you prefer to write at a particular time of day, if possible?

Discover what suits you best. For me, I’ve found that on some days I can write well on my own in complete quiet, while on other days I’ll happily and productively write in a busy café. When I lived in Paris many years ago I noticed there were writers in almost every brassiere I went to, some of whom would took up residence for the whole day in their favourite eatery. I’ve occasionally done the same in London, Oxford and elsewhere.

Is there a place where I don’t like to write? Yes, in a library full of intense, over-serious scribblers.

So think about your last month: when and where did you do your best writing?