“It would be great to work with you again. I always admired your ability to take a piece of academic dross and with a few strokes turn it into something readable and entertaining, while keeping the message in focus.”
Kevin Barham, forner Senior Researcher, Ashridge Business School

“Thank you for the excellent work you did in putting together, A Chemistry for Success: The First Ten Years of MTM plc. Copies have been sent to the Prime Minister and Government ministers. The response has been quite favourable.”
Richard Lines, former Chairman of MTM plc

“I found this a fascinating book, and one which anyone considering setting up their own business will find of great value.”
Personnel Today

“This is a big, very competently written and assiduously researched book.”
The Guardian

“A thoroughly readable and provocative book. The conclusion to be drawn from The Second Culture is clear. Unless people are made more aware of the importance of science in their own lives, it will continue to be under-appreciated by the politicians who fund it, by the industrialists (who convert science into products and services), and the directors who keep scientists at arm’s length through fear of displaying their own inadequacies at board meetings.”
The Sunday Times

“This book conveys some of the excitement of science… it provides a brief run through to improve industry’s technical competence by promoting R&D.”
The Director

“The co-authors have probed diligently, talking to a wide range of consultants and clients…. and offer a selection of illuminating case studies.”
The Financial Times

“This book is a remarkable achievement. It enables the general public to understand the world of scientists, and how they feel about and react to the pressures of contemporary Britain.”
Denis Noble, FRS, Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology, Oxford

“The interviews with leading designers and corporate identity experts present a wide variety of options open to the innovative mind. This feature alone makes the book a very lively read. And with its numerous charts for easy assimilation, this thought-provoking study itself serves as a demonstration of the beneficial impact of good design.”
The Engineer

“Cornelius is an accomplished writer, who has done high quality writing, editing and ghostwriting for me, both in my former role as CEO of Ashridge Business School and more recently in respect of my own publications.”
Philip Sadler, former CEO Ashridge Business School


“Thank you so much. The article is exactly the type of writing that I had envisaged.
Kate Doherty, International Projects Co-ordinator, Marketing & Communications, Department, ESSEC Business School, Paris

“Cornelius is blessed with a highly accessible style of writing, no matter how dry the subject may be. He is able to produce from all his research a genuinely interesting manuscript. Reading one of his reports is a bit like listening to a really good public speaker: his words flow effortlessly and you’re kept entertained while simultaneously soaking up countless facts, and experiencing many ‘Well I never,’ moments. He is utterly professional and can always be relied upon to meet a deadline. If the opportunity came up to work with him again, I would welcome it with open arms.”
Dominic Fenn, Editor Key Note Publications 1998-2010

“His work is always well-researched and easily marketable due to his seemingly effortless writing style. And he’s a pleasure to work with. From a management point of view he represents good value, and I would heartily recommend him to any potential client.”
Karen Kinnair-Pugh, former Commissioning Editor, Key Note Publications

“Your report on the European Insurance industry was one of our best written publications that we produced for The Stationery Office. (formerly Her Majesty’s Stationery Office)”
Michael Bickers, Managing Director BCR Publishing


“Many thanks. That was brilliant. Your advice on how to develop my workshops and make them fun was really helpful.”
David Ashworth, speaker, spiritual healer, workshop facilitator, Manchester

“I really enjoyed your public speaking training. You anticipated many of the questions and thoughts I had had about my blocks to public speaking, and you helped me answer them. I found the workshop insightful and inspiring, and came away feeling very encouraged and confident.”
Declan Kerr, writer, therapist, workshop facilitator, aaahpublications.com, Lichfield

“I found your public speaking training extremely useful. The ideas I got and the feedback you gave me have made me feel more confident that I am ready to speak at national events.”
Kevin Gibbons, Director, SEOPtimise.com. Oxford